The software allows for realtime editing in the final layout
Export to PDF
Integrates well with old-timey industrial standards
Hands on: the output is printed onto transparencies ...
... and used to expose a silkscreen.
The first color is, of course, neon-red.
The finished mailing, printed double-sided in 3 colors.
Sleeve detail
Interior detail
Bonus: white on grey cardboard!

Employer: Polyfaktor Designb├╝ro
Polyfaktor Designb├╝ro
Service: Concept, Design, Implementation
Tech: Racket (Scheme)

Showcasing the power of generative design, this mailing collects a variety of outputs from our 'PerlinGrid', a program to produce complex and unique image spaces based on a variety of parameters.

To facilitate an intuitive design process, the software allows fine-grained control over all parameters and displays the results in realtime and composed into the desired layout. The output of vector files (PDF) lets us process the results further, without any additional hassle, in any of the established Adobe products.